Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What The Theory of Everything?

A large machine designed to create a mass explosion of two matter particles which have being rushed at extreme velocity. The result of this collision will produce a massive chain reaction that will break move and disperse these matter particles to produce, everything we know, including life.

A Matter particle known as Higgs Boson or God Particle helps these particles to reach different locations and aid the production of life. It is imperative that this Higgs Boson gets found during the explosion the problem is that a larger space is a most have to reproduce the big bang explosion and create mini matter particles and open the door the possibilities of finding this Higgs Boson particle. Life is created by the Matter Particle known as Higgs Boson or God's particle.

A larger machine or space will help generate a large explosion of matter thus larger amounts of material will offer the right conditions to recreate the big bang theory and find the particle Higgs Boson. Gravity is also an essential part to this massive explosion scientists will need to learn to harness it and channel it to introduce it to explosion of matter. Gravity is necessary for the explosion to disperse the newly broken particles at the right time and speed. How much do we know about the God Particle We do not know much about it, just that it will give the conditions that will at the right time of the explosion create that fabulous moment of enlightenment, that moment that provides with the answer to the question about the purpose of an enormous explosion and life creation.

Could it be that gravity is undoubtedly that elusive God Particle we desperate search for? It will bring so much understanding and deep achievements as part of humanity to find the answer to this incredible question of the purpose of life and life meaning! Only time will tell for now the work of science is cut up and is possible that the world is getting close to a moment of change.

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