Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Education Concept

Co-education is common in almost all the advanced western countries like, France, Britain, Russia, America and Canada. It is to be found in many great eastern countries like Turkey, China, Japan and Nigeria and in others parts of the world like Australia and South America.

There are surely some great benefits of co-education. First of all it gives a good training to boys and girls to work together. While studying side by side in different class they learn to cooperate for common aims or purposes. After completing their education they can easily join different professions together. They can work together for common national aims at scientific research centres, in hospital and offices and even in factories to increase national production.

Boys and girls studying together can discuss their subjects and can help each other in understanding them well. Boys may be able to understand and know some subjects or their parts compared to girls. They can explain and discuss them with girls. So girls may be able to explain some arts to boys in their own ways.

Co-education can make boys and girls compete with each other in studies. Both can try to learn more and do better in discussions and at examination. This can surely help raise education standards.

Co-education gives enough chances to boys and girls to study their subjects together from highly qualified and exceptionally able teachers. Both ale and female teachers of good repute can teach in co-educational institutions. Such teachers are not easily available in scientific and technical subjects like Chemistry, Biology, Medicine, Engineering and so on. Even in languages like French and German, we may not easily find highly qualified teachers for higher classes. Then male and female teachers can work together and discuss their problems of teaching. They can co-operate in scientific research or in advanced studies.

Co-education helps boys and girls to understand each other's problems. Girls can prove successful wives and boys successful husbands after the completion of their education. They can work side by side for a better society as equal citizens.

Yet co-education has some disadvantages. In educational institutions girls cannot always take part in sports, debates, etc alone with boys. They cannot often work actively with boys in social functions. They often have to make separate arrangements of their own games or other activities. But these are not as good as those for boys or those in girls' college. This gives a feeling of dissatisfaction to the girls.

It may not be possible to teach and explain all the parts of a subject to boys and girls together. There are some topics in subjects like psychology and medicine which cannot be easily discussed before both the sexes. As a result, the teacher may not be able to explain them fully. Sometimes the teacher may not be able to talk about problems of girls before boys and those of boys before girls.

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